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Foto 1Carol Davila Nursing College is the first private school in Bucharest and in Romania after 1990, when the communist system was eradicated. The school was established and led until 2008 by Dr. Mioara Mincu, a great personality in the medical field. In a few years, Ms. Mincu developed a whole network of independent “Carol Davila” sanitary schools in 15 Romanian cities.

Carol Davila Nursing College is named after the founder of the Romanian School of Medicine, Carol Davila. It is a nonprofit institution that operates through self-financing. The school activates under the patronage of Dr. Mioara Mincu Humanitarian Foundation.


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After 22 years of existence the school

–          Has modern offices; there are 3 locations in central Bucharest.

–          Has a team of highly trained teachers.

–          Has ensured nursing practice in the best hospitals in Bucharest, and in pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies.

–          Our graduates  are practicing as registered nurses, pharmacy nurses and balneo-physiokinetoteraphy nurses in Romania and abroad.

–          The school offers the students uniforms, books, studying materials and scholarships.

The school offers students the opportunity to perform their practice in the best hospitals in Bucharest.

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FOR Registered Nurses:









Our school mission is to train as many medical assistants to perform as health educators with the best employers worldwide. The student is always at the centre of our mission.

European Nursing Module Concept

The main purposes of this module are:

– Encouraging the students to achieve an extensive practice experience.

– Motivating the students to perform nursing at European standards.

– Supporting the students in achieving and share knowledge and European experiences.

– Encouraging the inter-cultural communication.

– Offering opportunities to understand the true value of nursing.

– Offering opportunities to share with their colleagues the importance of the experience gathered during the exchange period.

– Discovering the influences of culture through nursing.


foto 10ENM Membership

In 1999 our school was the first Romanian member of the European Nursing Module, only two years after the network became operational, and has been active since then.


ENM Annual Conferences

Our representatives participated in the ENM Annual Conferences and in 2004 Carol Davila Nursing College was the organizer of the event.

Brighton 2012

This year our school will be represented again at the 20th European Nursing Module Network Management Conference, which is to be held on 25th to 28th April 2012 at the University of Brighton, UK, with new proposals for cooperation.


ENM Student Exchanges

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Every year since 2007 the activity regarding the exchanges has become more intense and over the last years we have been one of the most active schools in the network.

–          2009 – 2010 – 11 Romanian students visited Sweden, Denmark and Great Britain and 9 students came to Bucharest from Denmark, Switzerland, and Great Britain

–          2010 – 2011 – The number of the participants from Romania increased to 15 (to Switzerland, Spain, Holland, Great Britain) and the number of guest students increased to 13 (from Denmark, Great Britain, Spain, Holland)

–          2011-2012 – 11 Romanian students participated in the exchanges  (Denmark, Great Britain, Spain, Switzerland) and 30 foreign students came to Romania (from  Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Great Britain)

Click here to see the student exchange list

How we manage the exchanges:

Accommodation – we can help you with the booking of apartments at favorable prices, but you can also book by yourself.

–          Transfer – Every guest will be waited at the airport and will be driven to the hotel.

–          Schedule – The two-week schedule will include school visits and hospital practice. The schedule will be designed according to your preferences. The only thing you have to do is send us your list of specializations which you are interested in.

–          Hospital Practice – In terms of nursing practice, “Carol Davila” Postsecondary School will offer you access to the best public and private hospitals in Bucharest. Depending on your choices, you can visit areas such as surgery, pediatrics, emergency receiving unit, psychiatry, cardiology, neurology and others. Practical nursing duration is 42 hours (6 hours / day). If you wish, you can visit other areas than chosen in the application form. You will be accompanied during nursing practice by Nursing teachers knowledgeable of English, and also by students of our school that are in nursing practice.

–          Presentations – At the end of the exchange every group of students from a country will give a presentation on their home health system and school  to the students in our school, members of the ENM Club.

–          Leisure – We will help you to discover Bucharest by providing you with information and advice. Our students can accompany you on your evening short trips. However, you are free to organize your leisure time as you wish. At weekend we can organize trips to tourist attractions at your request.

–          Official Dinners – We invite you to a welcome dinner to have the opportunity to know each other better, and also to a farewell dinner.

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Coordonator ENM Exchange: Prof. Larisa Banica

email: larisa.banica@scoalacdavila.ro


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